Handmade in Japan

Our fabric consists of organic linen and cotton originally used to wrap silkworms in their pupal phase at sericulture farmhouses in the country of Japan 100 years ago. We dye it only with a natural indigo plant using a Japanese traditional method and produce our garments carefully one by one.
Enjoy wearing a fabric of quality treated valuably over long time and also dyed with a centuries-old tradition. It gets a more characteristic and charmingly look over the time by declining little by little plus being fixed and patched by yourself.

Try to combine several layers of different blue so the tranquility like moonlight will gentle you (“GEKKO” means moonlight in japanese).

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May 2018

  • 04th (fri) 15:00–19:00
  • 05th (sat) 10:00–18:00
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  • 18th (fri) 10:00–19:00
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June 2018

  • 01st (fri) 10:00–19:00
  • 02nd (sat) 10:00–18:00
  • 09th (sat) 10:00–18:00
  • 15th (fri) 10:00–19:00
  • 16th (sat) 10:00–18:00 BLOCK PARTY Kircheng.
  • 22th (fri) 10:00–19:00
  • 23th (sat) 10:00–18:00